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Introducing Samsung’s V6 – Where Performance Meets Efficiency
Combining image clarity and advanced workflow automation features, the V6 offers a simple-to-use interface for efficient, comprehensive imaging in your daily ultrasound scanning environment.

MV-Flow™ 3D: Fetal Liver Vasculature

Samsung’s HERA W10 Elite, the premier model of the HERA platform, launches with new MV-Flow™ 3D technology to improve microvasculature sensitivity and enhance spatial comprehension to provide healthcare professionals with heightened diagnostic confidence.

Samsung’s Eco-Conscious Goal:

‘Everyday Sustainability’ “Samsung Healthcare is pursuing technology innovation in various areas to meet the needs of customers, from product designing to packaging, and to exhibiting, we will continuously aim to protect the environment and run eco-conscious management considering carbon reduction.” – Kyu Yoo, Executive Vice President, Head of Global Sales & Marketing at Samsung Electronics’ Health & Medical Equipment Business Division.


Samsung premier Women’s Health platform is the HERA series. This platform aims to be a visionary leader of Obstetrics and Gynecology applications. Elegant images, intelligently automated precision features, fast operation, and ergonomics considering the medical environment provide healthcare professionals with diagnostic confidence. The systems have powerful AI functions to free healthcare professionals from repetitive tasks, in particular, the ViewAssist™ function simplifies the workflow by automatically measuring and annotating numerous views with a simple click of a button.
Samsung’s V-Series platform is built to deliver comfort to both healthcare professionals and patients. They enhance workflow and patient throughput in women’s healthcare. Powered by Samsung’s Crystal Architecture™ and Intelligent Assist features, the V-Series product line help streamline processes and boost confidence even in complex women’s exams.
Extraordinary image quality with astonishingly clear image quality provided by Samsung’s advanced imaging technologies…clinical decisions can be made with greater confidence.


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Image Library

theSUITE Challenge #1

Courtesy of Dr. Elena Sinkovskaya

Pregnancy: Singleton

Gravida: 2

Para: 1

Gestational Age: 29w 2d

EFW: 3 lb 1 oz

FHR: 139 bpm

Presentation: Cephalic

Placental Location: Anterior

Amniotic Fluid: Normal MVP 6.3 cm

2D image of fetus in sagittal plane

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