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You Can For Samsung Ultrasound!

Samsung is seeking your valuable input and insight to help invent the next generation ultrasound system, technology, or healthcare innovation. Listen to Dr. Kevin Magee’s explain his experience working with the Samsung Medison engineers to quickly bring his vision of incorporating microvascular flow into 3D technology to aid in detecting fetal pathologies. His vision and valuable feedback have been invaluable to the success of MV-Flow™ 3D which is currently utilized in more than 110 countries. Dr. Magee routinely uses MV-Flow™ 3D in his practice in detection and ongoing care of his patients’ babies. He has found it particularly helpful when assessing fetal Twin-To-Twin Transfusion Syndrome. Now it’s your turn share your ideas and be Samsung’s next Innovator.

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Be an Innovator

You can be an innovator for Samsung ultrasound!

Now it’s your turn share your ideas and be Samsung’s next Innovator.

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