HS40 / HM70 EVO


Samsung’s ground-breaking design was inspired by users’ ideas and suggestions during development. Every detail, such as the fully articulating monitor arm, the operating panel which can be easily adjusted to different heights, and additional storage space, has been created to make the work environment more comfortable. This focus on the user led to the HS40 product winning a prestigious 2017 iF Design Award.



The HM70 EVO ultrasound system is a high-performance hand-carried ultrasound system, evolved to support a diverse range of applications and patients. The system has streamlined workflow, durability, and high-resolution imaging that can be used in a variety of clinical situations. The HM70 EVO is built to meet today’s changing needs and provide healthcare professionals the confidence they need in their work environment.

The HS40 has Samsung’s advanced, yet budget-friendly technologies, to enhance the diagnostic capabilities for efficient and effective care. Samsung’s CrystalLive™ imaging engine offer enhanced 2D image processing, 3D rendering, and color signal processing aiding in outstanding image performance and efficient workflow during complex cases.  

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